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Foster Application

Thank you for considering fostering for The Gingerbread House (GBH). We are growing fast and need to grow our foster home network so we can save more precious furry seniors! Please allow 7-10 days for us to respond to your application.

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    Note: The adjustment period may consist of simply reminding the animal of their house manners since new surroundings and people can unsettle even the best trained dogs. Or it may be more involved and require a consistent routine, dog-proofing your house, extra walks, and a crate (to either finish crate training or as a safe, secure place for one who is already trained).

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    Volunteer Foster Agreements

    Please read these agreements carefully. You will be required to sign a hard copy that will include our Volunteer Hold Harmless Contract if your foster application is approved.

    1. Foster Animal(s). Foster acknowledges receipt of one or more foster animal(s) from GBH, from time to time, as the case may be. Foster agrees to notify GBH IMMEDIATELY if a foster animal(s) is lost or stolen.

    2. Property of GBH. Foster understands that the foster animal(s) shall, at all times, remain the sole property of GBH. GBH reserves the right to reclaim the foster animals(s) at any time with or without reason. If you choose not to return the foster animal(s) to GBH, upon GBH’s request, you will be obligated to pay an automatic fine in the amount of $2,500 and GBH will have the right to report you to the police and/or seek any additional remedy under applicable law. Foster agrees to contact GBH immediately in the event that any foster animal(s) dies while in the temporary care of Foster and return said animal(s) to GBH.

    3. Standard of Care.
    A. Foster agrees to provide the foster animal(s) with appropriate and loving care, including, but not limited to, food, water, shelter, and medication (when required), in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

    B. Foster agrees to house all foster animal(s) only at disclosed address stated above. Foster will notify GBH immediately if moving to a new address where foster animal(s) will also reside. Foster will also notify GBH immediately with a change in phone number.

    C. Foster agrees to provide a safe living environment and will ensure foster animal(s) cannot ingest anything hazardous including, but not limited to, cleaners, clothes, shoes, household items, toys, coins (especially pennies), garbage, grass, plants, mushrooms (in yard), etc. Foster agrees to never allow foster animal(s) to ingest human food, especially items that are detrimental to their health, including but not limited to, grapes, raisins, chocolate, peanut butter with xylitol, avocado, yeast dough, alcohol, meat, garlic and onion, dairy, etc.

    D. Foster agrees to give foster animal(s) only size-appropriate Nylabones for chewing. The Foster agrees to never give foster animals(s) access to rawhide, pig ears, antlers, or other types of bones.

    E. Foster agrees to allow foster animal(s) time to decompress during the first several weeks.This includes limiting household guests and keeping foster animal(s) in a consistent area within the home so it feels safe. Foster understands that “accidents” may happen during decompression since foster animals are typically very nervous and may come from a bad situation. Foster agrees to keep the foster animal(s) area clean and use animal-safe cleaner on floors since they often lick them.

    F. Foster agrees that foster animal(s) is a family companion and as such will keep all foster animal(s) in their main living areas of their house and will never under any circumstances contain foster animal(s) in a garage, basement, attic, closet, storage area, yard, shed, or other area outside of their main living areas. Foster agrees to never chain or tie foster animal(s) outside in the yard. Foster agrees to never leave foster animal(s) unsupervised outside even in a fenced in yard. Foster will stay with foster animal(s) in the yard and bring them back inside once ready.

    G. Foster agrees to provide appropriate treat-based training if needed and will never hit, kick, or hurt foster animal(s), nor allow anyone else to hurt foster animal(s).

    H. Foster will keep foster animal(s) on a leash at all times when outside of residence and agrees to keep foster animal(s) away from other animals while on walks. Foster agrees to pick-up feces and dispose of it properly.

    I. Foster agrees to keep GBH identification tag and Martingale collar on foster animal(s) at all times. Foster agrees to never put a shock collar, chain, or pronged collar on foster animal(s). Foster agrees to use a harness when designated. Foster agrees to leave a leash on the foster animal 24/7 for the first week.

    J. Foster will not, in any way, alter the physical appearance of the foster animal(s), including but not limited to, ear cropping, tail docking, and tattooing.

    4. Medical Care/Emergencies.

    A. Foster will continue and/or administer any medical treatment exactly as prescribed by GBH’s vet, including but not limited to, medications, supplements, dietary items, cleaning of ears/eyes, etc., and will follow all best practices instructed by GBH.

    B. Foster will NOT give the foster animal anything that has not been prescribed by GBH or GBH’s vet.

    C. Foster will notify GBH IMMEDIATELY if the foster animal(s) becomes ill and/or injured or otherwise requires veterinary care.

    D. Foster agrees that in case of any medical emergency, Foster must take the animal(s) to a GBH-approved veterinarian ONLY, with notice and approval from GBH. Foster will NOT be reimbursed by GBH in the event that Foster takes the foster animal(s) to see a veterinarian or otherwise provides medical care without FIRST obtaining prior approval from GBH.

    E. Foster will provide or arrange for ALL emergency medical care and agrees not to allow the foster animal(s) to be euthanized without first notifying and obtaining permission in advance from GBH, unless such foster animal(s) is deemed fatally injured by the professional judgment of a licensed veterinarian.

    F. Foster agrees to pay any and all medical bills associated with the foster animal(s) that are a result of neglect by the Foster.

    5. No Breeding. Foster agrees to not breed the foster animals(s) or allow them to be bred.

    6. No Traveling. Foster agrees to not take the foster animals(s) on any travel, vacations, business trips, etc.

    7. No Dog Parks or Puppy Daycare. Foster agrees to not take the foster animal(s) to any dog park or puppy daycare for the safety of the foster animal(s).

    8. GBH Right to Visitation. Foster agrees that GBH has the right to visit the foster animal(s), with 24-hour notice or, in case of emergency situations, immediate inspection.

    9. Foster Photography. Foster is encouraged to photograph said foster animal(s) and share such photographs through social media, naming GBH and including appropriate description of said foster animal(s) and contact details for GBH, for purposes of assisting GBH in identifying an appropriate adoptive family for the foster animal(s). However, all photographs taken of the foster animal(s) shall remain the property of GBH. Foster is not permitted to use such photographs for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, for profit or business, without GBH’s prior written consent.

    10. Adoptions.

    A. Foster understands that said foster animal(s) will be made available for adoption through GBH during the time the animal(s) are in Foster’s care. Foster will make such foster animal(s) reasonably available for meet and greets with potential adopters either at their home, the adopter’s home, or another GBH representative’s home.

    B. Foster understands and acknowledges that Foster does not have any right or authority to keep the foster animal(s), or to place or adopt such foster animal(s) with any third party.

    C. Foster understands that he/she will have a strong influence in who shall adopt any foster animal, but The Gingerbread House staff has the final word in the foster animal’s adoption.

    D. Foster shall not have ANY direct contact with any adoptive families after an adoption has been finalized by GBH. Updates from the adoptive families will be shared at the discretion of GBH. GBH reserves its rights against Foster, in the event that Foster harasses or otherwise violates the rights of any adoptive family or potential adoptive family.

    E. Foster will advise GBH if Foster would like to adopt foster animal(s) and will follow all GBH adoption procedures and pay adoption fee.

    F. Foster agrees that any money (adoption or general donations) collected or received on behalf of GBH will be given to GBH / GBH representative.

    11. Confidentiality. Foster agrees to maintain confidential any and all documentation and correspondence (whether verbal or in writing) between GBH and Foster, including, but not limited to, any information contained or discussed in such documentation and correspondence, except as provided in Section 9 above.

    12. Release & Indemnity.
    Foster understands and acknowledges that GBH cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the health, behavior, or temperament of foster animal(s) that Foster may foster. Foster understands that GBH does not make any warrantee or guarantee or other representation as to the demeanor, health, temperament, or pedigree of any foster animal. Foster expressly releases and holds harmless GBH from ANY and all liability for loss, injury, damage, or death caused by any foster animal(s) to any person, animal, or property, without limitation, and that Foster will assume all such risk of loss.

    Foster agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless GBH, its volunteers, successors and assigns, any previous owner, shelter, or foster home, from any and all liability associated with the foster animal(s) or damage or injury hereafter caused by the foster animal(s), without limitation.

    Foster certifies that all animals in their home are current in their vaccinations. Foster fully and completely releases GBH from any and all claims and liability for any illness that Foster’s own animals might develop, even if said illness might have been procured from the animal fostered for GBH.

    13. Foster Termination. Foster understands this position is voluntary and Foster is not an employee or agent of GBH. Foster understands that its foster volunteer position can be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of GBH. If Foster can no longer keep or care for the foster animal(s), Foster must provide at least 48-hour notice to GBH, so that GBH may find new foster placement. GBH agrees to use reasonable efforts to, thereafter, remove said foster animal(s) within a reasonable time.
    Additionally, I hereby certify that I am in good standing with local rescue groups and veterinarians. I agree to uphold a professional relationship with all contacts I have through The Gingerbread House, including, but not limited to, vet clinics, distributors, potential adopters, other volunteers of GBH, shelters, and other rescues. Furthermore, I promise that I will not conduct myself in any manner that could reflect badly on The Gingerbread House or any of its volunteers. I certify that I am at least 21 years of age and a legal U.S. citizen. I agree to include a photocopy of my current driver’s license for verification purposes. I understand that this will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any other parties.

    I have read and understand this Foster Contract and agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions stated herein. I understand I will need to sign a hard copy that will include GBH’s Volunteer Hold Harmless Contract.

    By checking this box and typing my name below, I am electronically signing my application.*