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Saving Tiny Seniors

Your generous donation goes directly to the care of our pups, like Henry. It takes an army to rehabilitate these precious seniors, but they are so worth it!

Where the Dollars Go

Upon arrival, all pups receive a full medical workup with a physical, bloodwork, xrays, and fecal and urine tests (and a good grooming!). Depending on their test results, they may need additional tests such as eye pressure test, Cushing and Addison’s Disease tests, MRIs, sonograms, and specialist exams. Ultimately, they may require surgery for hernias, kidney stones, eye conditions, cyst/tumor removal, slipped discs (IVDD) or any number of ailments due to neglect. We also commonly treat ear infections, UTIs, calcium crystals, kidney stones, stomach issues, leg weakness, arthritis pain, anxiety, skin conditions, and allergies. 

Once stabilized, and age and health permitting, they receive dentals (typically with dozens of extractions), are spayed or neutered, chipped, and receive age-appropriate vaccines. Most pups require special food, medication, and supplements for the remainder of their lives. Some require chiropractic and acupuncture care to help their mobility. And pups with dementia and incontinence require hygiene support like potty pads, diapers, and belly bands (and LOTS of baths) to keep them fresh.

Together We Can Save Them!

No living creature should suffer especially when these things are so easily treated. It just takes the time and the money. Your support allows us to do all of this for them. And we simply cannot do it without you. Thank you so much for investing in these precious pups!

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