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Saving Tiny Seniors

The Gingerbread House is a Pekingese and similar small-breed sanctuary and rescue located in northern New Jersey. We welcome all small-breed pups that need a new home, and we are passionate about saving senior and hospice pups that have special needs due to their age or medical conditions and that would likely be put down if left in a shelter.









Our Promise

We are on a mission to save tiny seniors and end their abuse and neglect. We rehabilitate these precious pups and depending on their condition, they may be available for adoption or they may spend their remaining days in a Gingerbread House foster home. Either way, we ensure they receive the best of everything, and we will never euthanize solely to make space. They each deserve to be spoiled and loved for however much time they have left. We promise to make that happen!

Our Promise
Henry the Dog

Sanctuary Stories

Our very own Roger the long-haired Chi did an exclusive interview with none other than Terrie Carr of radio station WDHA 105.5 FM! Roger was selected to be their Rock N’ Ruff pup of the month and was a hit with everyone at the station. Roger is the sweetest little man and available for adoption. Check out Terrie’s interview with Roger and read his full bio on his pup page.