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Help Save a Senior!

These precious pups often arrive in bad shape and their medical rehabilitation is expensive. They deserve to live their remaining days being clean, fed, and loved. And when it is their time to go over the rainbow bridge, they will do so with dignity and knowing they mattered.

But we simply cannot do it without you. Any support you can provide makes a huge difference in their lives. We are extremely grateful for however you choose to support these darling souls and we are available to discuss charitable giving options that will help them spend their golden years being loved and cared for.

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“My father’s passing from cancer created a situation that left his two middle-age small dogs in need of a new home. Lynn picked up both dogs and had them in a foster home awaiting vet visits. After their needs were handled, they were placed as a pair with their new family. I received updates and pictures as things progressed at their new home. I am certain my father is smiling wide at how well his pups have ended up. This was a great experience, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome in our family’s time of sorrow. Thank you so much!”

–Robert D.

Shop Our Wish Lists

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Chewy Wish List

We get all of the seniors’ food and meds from Chewy, plus some other items to keep them clean and comfortable. Any donation from this list is EXTREMELY helpful! Chewy will ship directly to us so feel free to email a note to let us know who to thank! info@gingerbreaddogs.org

Amazon Wish List

The items on our Amazon list help us keep the seniors’ comfy and clean. Since many of them are incontinent, we do a lot of laundry and baths! You can choose items from the list and Amazon will ship it directly to us. Please include a note so we can say thank you!


Host an Event

There are many types of fun fundraising opportunities that you can do directly with your own community or by partnering with us. Some ideas include Facebook Fundraisers for your birthday, anniversary, or wedding. You can create a Facebook Fundraiser by clicking here: Facebook Fundraiser for The Gingerbread Dogs. Or, you can host a Pampered Chef Fundraiser by clicking here: Pampered Chef Fundraiser for The Gingerbread Dogs

Or, if you can offer your services such as leading a yoga class, holding a pet photoshoot, or offering a coupon to your place of business, we would love to partner with you! Please contact us now to get it going!

Give a Gift

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Life Insurance

You can make a gift of your life insurance by obtaining a Change of Beneficiary Form from your insurance carrier and naming The Gingerbread House Sanctuary & Rescue as your primary beneficiary or as your contingent beneficiary should your other beneficiaries not survive you. You can also name us as the sole owner and sole beneficiary. Speak with your life insurance agent to discuss the details and please let us know if you have named The Gingerbread House Sanctuary & Rescue as your life insurance beneficiary so we can personally thank you for your generosity!


Investment & Retirement Assets

You can make a gift to The Gingerbread House of your stocks, mutual funds, or retirement assets such as your 401(k), IRA, deferred compensation plan, pension, or any other type of tax-deferred plan. As a non-profit, we do not offer tax advice so you should speak with your financial or tax advisor to learn about the tax advantages of donating in this manner. In some cases, it may be as easy as naming your beneficiary as The Gingerbread House Sanctuary & Rescue. Please be sure to let us know if you do so we can personally thank you for your generous support!


Will or Trust Bequests

You can name The Gingerbread House Sanctuary & Rescue in your will or trust to leave a dollar amount or a particular item such as a piece of property or a collector’s item. You can also designate The Gingerbread House as succession planning for your beloved pups. Please let us know if you have named us in your will or other estate plans so we can personally thank you for your generosity. And in the case of leaving your most prized possession—your precious pups—please reach out so we can make those arrangements together and ensure they have a forever home with us after you are gone.


Residuary Gifts

You can also specify that a gift be given to The Gingerbread House Sanctuary & Rescue after all other bequests have been made and expenses have been paid. By naming us in your will in this manner, we will receive the remainder of your real and personal estate. Please let us know if you have designated us in your estate plans so we can personally thank you for your generous donation to the pups!

Donate a Vehicle

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Donate your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat to our nonprofit organization by contacting us to discuss your intentions. We will provide a donation receipt upon pick up and once we sell the vehicle, we will provide you with the proper tax forms to file for a tax deduction.

Alternatively, if we can use the vehicle for transporting the pups to and from their doctor appointments, foster homes, meet and greets, and/or new furever homes, then we will provide the appropriate tax forms for that as well. A Gingerbread PupMobile is on our long-term wish list! Just click below to send us a message to get the ball rolling!