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Adoption Overview

Why adopt a tiny senior?

Tiny seniors are some of the easiest dogs to care for. They sleep a lot, rarely bark, and have no interest in chewing on your shoes or furniture. While some of them enjoy a daily stroll, some cannot walk very far so potty breaks are fast and many use potty pads for emergencies.

Most tiny seniors are pretty laid back and they are so thankful to be clean and sleep in a soft bed. They appreciate a nice meal and take their meds without fussing. They know they have been saved, they know they are finally living a good life, and they love you endlessly for it.

By adopting a Gingerbread Dog, you are helping to save a precious life that deserves to spend his or her golden years being cared for, loved, and knowing they mattered!

Gracie the Dog Photo

Is a tiny senior right for you?

We are committed to matching each dog with the home and family that is perfect for their individual needs to ensure a successful long-term outcome. Many of our dogs have special needs including medical conditions, physical limitations, and behavioral specifications, and may require medication, supplements, experienced handling, and/or additional training.

Through the adoption application process, we want to learn about you, your home environment, and your experience with caring for dogs in the past. Pet ownership is a serious responsibility, especially for a tiny senior that may have special needs. We want to ensure that each adopter is prepared to meet those needs for the remainder of the dog’s life.

The adoption process may take some time as our volunteers review your application and contact your references. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation!

Adoption Process

Our process is designed to produce the best outcome for our pups. Please review our steps before applying.

We typically get in touch within 24-48 hours, but it may take up to 10 days. Please watch your email and answer your phone (from a 201 area code) after you submit an application. Unfortunately, we do not have the manpower to reply to all applications.

Please note, we do consider out-of-state adopters on a case-by-case basis. You will, however, still need to follow the below process. We will NOT ship or transport our precious pups.



Please read the dog’s entire biography. We list specifics about their age, size, temperament, health, special needs, and living requirements so you can determine if the dog is a good fit for your lifestyle, home, and personality. A fully completed application will start the process—we will not process incomplete applications and lying on your application immediately disqualifies you from adopting.



We review the entire application to assess general compatibility with desired dog. If most requirements are met, then we proceed with the vet reference check.


We speak with all of your vet references and confirm satisfactory medical care history, including wellness and sick exams, blood work, dentals, tests recommended by your vet, medications, special food, etc. This is a requirement since most of our pups have already suffered horribly from lack of care. We cannot let that happen to them again.


If your vet reference is satisfactory, we then speak with you to answer your questions, learn more about your situation, and discuss the dog’s temperament, medical needs, and/or special needs. Again, we only contact those applicants with whom we want to move forward. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to reply to all applications.


If our interview goes well and we both want to move forward, we then speak with your personal references.


We then conduct a home check either in person or via video chat/Skype/Zoom etc.


We then schedule a meet and greet with the desired dog for all household members and pets. This is typically conducted at the dog’s foster home in New Jersey so you can get a good read of the dog while in their familiar environment. The meet and greet does not guarantee you will be able to adopt the dog of your choice.


After meeting the pup, we recommend you take a day or so to consider if this pup is a good fit for your home and lifestyle. We will also be considering what we have learned and if we feel the pup will have long-term success with your family. 


We then reach out to see if we mutually agree the pup is a good fit, and if so, we schedule the adoption either at your home or the foster’s home. For out-of-state adopters, you will need to come to New Jersey to pick up your new family member and it is your responsibility to know your state’s requirements for bringing a companion animal across state lines including obtaining any necessary health certificates or documentation.


All Gingerbread Dogs come with a Martingale collar with Gingerbread tag, any favorite toys/bones, and a small supply of their food, medication, and supplements to get you going. Our Adoption Contract outlines information about the dog provided by the owner plus any observations noted from our foster. We also provide all medical records and details to continue managing any special needs such as skin issues, ear infections, allergies, calcium crystals, arthritis pain, anxiety, etc. As part of our adoption contract, you must agree to continue any needed treatment as prescribed and we do vet checks to ensure the pup is receiving the care it needs.

Start the Adoption Process Today

Submitting an application and proceeding through the application process does not guarantee adoption.
We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason at any time during the process.


“We recently rescued 2 dogs from the Gingerbread House Sanctuary & Rescue. We couldn't be happier with how organized, thorough, and professional Lynn is! The application process was relatively quick compared to other rescue organizations. Within 10 days of the initial application, we were bringing home Kolby and Charlotte. Lynn is sweet and very knowledgeable about dogs and was able to help us with a few questions we had. We highly recommend this organization to anyone in the area who would like to rescue a furry friend!”

–Rose P.